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             "Aerial Exosuit"
Affiliation Hero Factory
Known Users Rocka

The Aerial Exosuit was designed by the Hero Factory as an exosuit that would be used for aerial combat. It was originally designed for Rocka, although it was abandoned in the storage area of the Hero Factory.

When Makuhero City was under attack from the Brains, Rocka headed inside the Assembly Tower in search of an infected Dragon Bolt. Eventually, Rocka found the mutated creature, and hid in a storage vault to escape from it. Coincidentally, the exosuit was inside the vault, and Rocka got inside and activated it. He used the suit to clash with Dragon Bolt, flying around the city while firing missiles at him. In a last-ditch effort, Rocka jumped from the suit and grabbed onto Dragon Bolt, knocking off the Brain that was controlling it and restoring the creature to proper status. The suit, however, plummeted to the streets below and crashed, where it was left damaged beyond repair.