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Akiyama Makuro
Akiyama Makuro
Affiliation Hero Factory, Infernum (Infernum Universe)
Ranged Weapons None
Melee Weapons None
Guns None
Colours Silver, olive, grey
Location Makuhero City
Status Alive, active (deceased - Infernum Universe)
Team None
Aliases "The Eighth(Infernum Universe)
Other equipment The Watcher's Log (Infernum Universe)

Akiyama Makuro is the founder of the Hero Factory and is the oldest robot on record.


Makuro's original birthplace is unknown as of now, but in his middle-age he founded the Hero Factory organization after realizing too many crimes had been going across the universe. Makuro succeeded in creating an organization that would allow Heroes to travel across the universe on any mission, at any time needed. He has witnessed the Upgrades the Heroes have gone through from 1.0 to 2.0, from 2.0 to 3.0, and from 3.0 to 4.0. He was present when the Brain Attack occured, and saw the 5.0 upgrade go into effect. He has also seen the Invasion From Below, when certain Heroes were placed in to mechsuits to repel the Jumpers.

The Conspiracy Universe

In this dimension, Mr. Makuro was at first a wealthy businessman who made the Hero Factory as a Cover to rule the Universe.

The Infernum Universe

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Akiyama Makuro was the one who created the two things that form the foundation of the Infernum Universe: Infernum itself, and the Future Logs.

Weaponry Detail

  • The Sentinel Log: Reflects how he is the creator of the Logs. It is able to peek at other entries in the Logs, but provides no information about his own future, unless it is mentioned in another Log.

More information can be found here.


Akiyama Makuro, in the Infernum Universe, is well-known for his greatest achievement, Hero Factory. Viewed as a justified, selfless leader, it has never occurred to anyone that Mr. Makuro may have had side projects.

Outwardly, Akiyama is very gentlemanly, and is everything else that is expected of the founder of such a great organization. Behind this front, however, Akiyama is a schemer. Perhaps not outright evil, nor can he be called a villain. But, it is clear that his intentions are geared for his own benefit, nobody else's. The creation of Infernum, a state-of-art prison that became a nightmare, is a testament to that. Though Akiyama did not mean for the prison to transform, neither did he put a stop to it once the prison became sentient.

Akiyama Makuro's story, along with the Tau-4's, will be continued in the Madness Series.



  • An expression was made called "Praise Makuro", and it reflects the BIONICLE phrase "Mata Nui preserve us!"
  • He has also conflicted multiple times with the director of the Makuhero City Police Department, Commander Gordan Yates.



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