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Snow big
Position Akull System
Size Large
Population Icezards
Status Intact
Akull is a cold planet in the Hero Factory Universe.


Secret Weapon

The planet Akull is a cold planet where the Ciclops Lab was constructed for researchers many years ago. The research laboratory found cures to many diseases. The lab is the place where a nuclear missile has been built in secret. Shadow found that secret and sent criminals to take the lab to shoot the nuclear missile to the Hero Factory.

To prevent the imminent catastrophe, the workers of the lab called the Hero Factory for help. The Delta Team 2 saved the workers and destroyed the laboratory with the missile, saving Hero Factory and Makuhero City. After the explosion the planet was abandoned again.

Sub Zero Rescue

The members of the Keyes Team was sent in a mission to rescue survivors on Akull. After they landed, the team searched in the snow but had no luck. The leader of the team, Jacob Hertz, found three snow bikes in the snow. The team members used the snow bikes to search for the survivors. Along they way, the Heroes found some FEDs that began to attack them. The heroes try to destroy the FEDs, but they are much faster. Fox Fixer use his Lightning Shooters to electrocute the FEDs, destroying them. Afterwards, the Heroes found the survivors in the snow, and carried their bodies to the Dropship.


The planet is covered in snow; it has three moons and no sun, making for an extremely dangerous climate. 


  • The name of the planet (Akull) is ice in Albanian.