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"Did anybody order, THIS!"
3.0 Form
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Affiliation Hero Factory
Colors Black, Green
Team Unknown
Location Unknown
Status Alive

Alba Shadow used to be a member of FoxTron 7 Team a long time ago.



Like all other Heroes, Alba was created in the assembly tower in Makuhero City. She longed to be an elite member, like Preston Stormer and William Furno. She finally became one, and does her job well.

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Mission to Zakheav

Alba was sent to the planet, Zakheav, to rescue three rookies. She managed to find and rescue them, but she was forced to hold off a group of villians. The rookies managed to escape but Shadow did not. She is still alive, but unknown wherabouts of her.


Helpful, organized, and if there is danger, Shadow does not worry. She thinks positive, and if a teammate becomes hurt, she is the first one to help.


  • Alba Shadow is based off of LEGOJANG's MOC- Alba 2.0
  • She will appear in a future story about FoxTron 7 Team
  • Her weapon is actually Julius Nex's.