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Aldus6 Ice Speeder






The Aldus6 Ice Speeder is a vehicle used across the universe.



The Aldus6 was created for transportation purposes, after a craft was needed with speed and agility of a fighter combined with the power to haul items from a tank. The production company Airspeed was the first to create this craft, originally planned to be a triple-seater craft, the Aldus6 came out much different to what was expected. A single seater speeder that had twin Jyro thruster fans. However, plans soon fell into the hands of the military which changed a couple of things. An anti-gravity ball in the engine to provide an extra 3cm of ground clearance, and landing gear. The plans were handed back to the creators and the military forgot all about it, which pleased natives who were afraid they were going to turn it into a war machine.


Shortly after the world-wide sale of the craft, a large shipload of the craft were being transported form Qelan3 to her sister planet Qela, of which was were Nathan Blitz's team was planning a mission to. On the transporter a band of pirates came aboard, knocked the driver and enginners unconsious and redirected the ship to the planet Quatros were they set about changing the craft for jungle use. A team of Meca1 heros and Kami-tu tribesmen managed tp get them back and set the craft to go back to Qelan3. On the journey the tribesman planned to turn the craft back to thier original state for thier use, but when they got back a whole forest had conveniontley poped up out of nowhere, so they left them as they were.


The Aldus6 ice/forest speeder was built to be strong, fast and agile all at the same time. Although it may not seem like it, the speeder is based around a locust. Origianally, the Aldus6 had skies on it, but they were removed by the pirates.


The speeder actually has no weapons, just force and brute strength. However, machine guns can be placed on the side of the craft if needed. Ice speeders beloning to the hero factory are fitted with EMP blast blasters



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  • The craft is made entrely from pieces from breakout characters