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Alex Torch (Reality 2312.8)

 • Shadow 1 (Formerly)
 • Sigma 4


Flame Thrower




Makuhero City

Alex Torch is a Hero who was a member of Michael Shadow's Shadow 1 team. But when Michael secretly left to become a member of the Hero Recon Team, Alex and the whole of Hero Factory were told that Michael had died. He then headed up the Sigma 4 team, named after Michael's first Here team. He goes on missions with his two friends.


Early Life

Like most Heroes, Alex began his life in the Assembly Tower, when a Quaza Core was placed in his chest. He was introduced to Michael Shadow, who would be his mentor, team leader and teacher. He was also introduced to two other Heroes: Alex Shockwave and Nathan Flash. They became the best of friends.

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Shadow 1

A Hero In Training

Their first mission as a team was the mission to capture the arms dealer Graz. When they came to the planet where he was suspected of hiding, they burst in on a arms deal. Every villain in the room grabbed a weapon and fired upon them. He made his way around behind crates to propane tanks. He used his weapon to ignite the propane, causing a huge explosion, knocking all the villains out. They cuffed them all, and Michael gave a small award to him for his bravery.

Trouble In Terrorist Town

Another mission of their's including going to the moon Vamas, a criminally run area. The capital of the moon was named Terrorist Town. Once they got there, they were attacked by multiple villains. They managed to knock them out and capture them. They were there to capture a villain by the name of Tarva, the leader of the moon. However, getting to her wouldn't be so easy, due to the fact that she was guarded by countless mercenaries. They had to use the element of surprise.

They used smoke to distract the guards, and then knocked them out. They made their way through the base and found Tarva's room. She was getting her weapons ready when they came in. They threw a gas canister, making the room filled with knock-out gas. She shot at them, injuring Anna with a bullet. They captured Tarva and brought them both to the Hero Factory.

Anna made a full recovery, and they were rewarded for capturing the crime boss. The planet was over taken by the Hero Factory, giving Shadow 1 even more glory.

Sigma 4

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Abilities and Traits

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Weapons and Tools

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