Alexander Backbiter

Alexander Backbiter

Affiliation Hero Factory, Omega 5 Team
Ranged Weaponry Explosive Darts
Guns None
Melee Weaponry Sword, Sheild 
Colour Yellow, Black, Orange
Status Alive
Location Makuhero City

Alexander Backbiter is the leader of Omega 5 team along with John Iceblast and Donald Starbeam. Later, Keegan Acidonn and Matthew Fireblast join after Lava Team is disbanded. Tony Spark was also in Omega 5 and he was well known around the galaxy untill he was killed by Knightfallen assassins.


Rookie Life

Backbiter began life in Gold Team, and was made to hunt down the Forsaken Legion, an army of dead heroes who were reanimated into undead warriors by the supervillian Zombie King. Backbiter and the rest of Gold Team went on countless missions to stop Zombie King from killing heroes and reanimating them, and soon they had defeated the undead heroes and cuffed Zombie King. Backbiter was given full hero status and joined Hero Recon Team, and befriended Matt Shadow, but renounced Recon Team when Shadow was killed on a mission with Michael Ice Viper.  

Joining Omega 5 

After renouncing Hero Recon Team, Backbiter was assigned to Omega 5 because they had recently lost a rookie on a dangerous mission to track down Splitface. They captured Splitface and while their new rookie was cuffing him, Splitface lashed out with his Hero Shredder, instantly killing the rookie.

Backbiter took the dead rookie's place, and Omega 5 captured many villians like Xplode, Thornaxx, and XT4. Soon, they were assigned to track down Voltix, and they found him in an astriod field. Backbiter cuffed him, but Voltix was able to kill Omega 5's leader and another hero. Backbiter was assigned as the leader, and a new rookie,Tony Spark, joined. All the heroes in Omega 5 were upgraded to 2.0 because Tony Spark was already upgraded, and they wouldnt fit in if not upgraded.


During Breakout, Backbiter had to find Xplode in Makuhero City, and did so successfully.

Brain Attack

During Brain Attack, Backbiter was currently on a mission just outside the galaxy, fighting a Space Dragon. He accidentally killed the dragon, and was then called to come fight the brains in Makuhero City. By the time he got back to Hero Factory, the brains were destroyed.

Alexander Backbiter
Color Yellow, Black, Orange
No. of criminals cuffed 48 and counting
No. of teams he has joined 3
Year built 2010

omega 5

Currently, Backbiter is still leading Omega 5. The current members of Omega 5 are:

-Alexander Backbiter, Leader

-Keegan Acidonn, Hero and former leader of Lava Team

-Matthew Fireblast, Rookie

-John Iceblast, Hero

-Donald Starbeam, Rookie

-Jason Firehawk, Hero