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Aligned Chaos Cascade
Position Between the Tarantula Nebula and the Voodoo Paradox Spirals
Size Small
Population Unknown
Status In Existence

The Aligned Chaos Cascade is a small area of space occupied by a large planet that formed from the collision of two planets and their respective moons. It shares a spacial connection with the nearby black holes known as the Voodoo Paradox Spirals.


Originally, the Cascade consisted of two moderately large planets, each with their own moons. Whilst the worlds were distant enough from each other, they shared the same orbit around their local sun, causing many to consider the worlds "twins". At some point, however, the balanced gravitational pulls of the worlds were disrupted and thrown out of sync, resulting in both planets and their moons colliding to form an all new world. Unsurprisingly, the planet developed an incredibly unstable center of gravity, which was only rectified when the survivors managed to scavenge the technology necessary to stabilise their world's core. Although the reasons why the worlds collided remain unclear, it has been theorized that the Cascade was not created through natural means.

Little is known of the history of the cascade, other than upon its formation, a small population of survivors managed to establish themselves on the new world. The place soon broke out into total and utter war after a dispute of some sorts, and it was quickly classified as a warzone by official organizations like the Hero Factory. The war continued for centuries, though the reasons that caused the conflict were eventually forgotten by all sides.

Little else is known about the Cascade, other than the war was forcibly ended by Hero Factory officials recently, though tension remains between its inhabitants, and it is strongly believed another devastating war will break out again.


The Cascade is described as being a cold, desolate, barren wasteland, home to a number of hardy and deadly creatures. A number of settlements and space ports are dotted around the region, a few of which being fairly civilized, yet a number of smaller towns lie in disrepair. Certain areas within the cascade are are said to be highly radioactive. Though there is a high abundance of water, a fair amount of it has been rendered undrinkable by either pollution or natural cataclysms.


Though the main population is made up of collection of people was survived the catastrophic formation of the cascade, an undisclosed number of others also took to residing on the region.