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Amanda Stealth
Amanda Stealth

Hero Factory Delta Program Team


Plasma Gun, Grappling Hook Gun




Tall Oaks

"Take this. Should be handy later.


―Amanda's last words to Hardiwre, giving him her grappling hook before she battles the B.O.W
Amanda Stealth is an elite spy of the Hero Factory.


Amanda came into being in the Assembly Tower. She was later experimented for search of Genetic Mutation, which she didn't have. However, she excelled enough as a spy "like that Ada Wong in Resident Evil" according to her. She later was assigned in several missions sometimes as a double or triple agent. This skill later would grant her a spot in the Delta Program Team. And BTW, she's older than Thunder and younger than Hardwire.

Tall Oaks Bio-terrorism

"Kill you? I could KISS you!!"
―Amanda when Hardwire tells her what Thunder found

After her skills came into light, she was put in the Delta Program Team even when she didn't have any Genetic Mutation. She later was assigned along with Thunder to the Tall Oaks. In the cathedral, she encounters several B.O.Ws, which she manages to escape from. She was later separated with Hardiwire from the rest of the group. After they find their way to Thunder, Hardwire tells her of Thunder's findings, resulting in the quote above due to him scared for not telling her sooner. Later, in the final fight against the B.O.W, she urges Hardwire to follow Thunder and deconstruct the B.O.W as she buys time for them. She then gives him her grappling hook, hoping that it will come handy later. She then fights the B.O.W, but her efforts are futile, as the B.O.W knocks her across from the elevator platform to the ground. She then slides through the ground and dies as her neck snaps against the pillar she collides with.

Abilities and Traits


Although she doesn't have any Genetic Mutation, she is pretty much skilled in stealth. This skilled is demonstrated as she is able to sneak inside the villain's base, kill him without noise and evidence, and steal the material the villain stole to activate the B.O.W, although she was too late to prevent him from activating it.


Amanda is shown to be professional, being able to maintain her cool even in times of danger. She is also brave, willing to buy Hardwire and Thunder some time even if it meant her death. She also have a sense of humour, shown when she said "Kill you? I could KISS you!"


She owns a grappling hook gun and a plasma gun for her missions.