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Andrew Decibel is a Hero from the Hero Collegium, and a member of Theta 12.

Andrew Decibel
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Andrew Decibel was created in the Hero Collegium alongside Jericho Caliber and Oswald Sprint. He became an expperienced Heavy-class Gunner. After Jericho's incident, and all the Tournaments and Battle Royales they won, Decibel upgraded to Sonic Handcannons.

It is known he participated in the massacre of the Corpsmen breakout.


Abilities, Equipment, and Personality

Andrew Decibel has no outstanding abilities.

Much like the hero he's modeled after, Jimi Stringer, he uses sound based weaponry, in the form of Sonic Handcannons and shoulder mounted speakers. He uses these as pushback weapons, used to keep enemies far back as a support for his teammates, or at higher frequencies, to weaken armor or deafen opponents.

Decibel is a very driven hero. When he has a goal, he's willing to work and work and work to get it completed. He's generally untalkative. Close friends with Jericho and the late Oswald, he tends not to go out of his way to meet people.


Maximum is 12

Strength: 10
Agility: 6
Toughness: 11
Mind: 9