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Anthony Magnet
Anthony Magnet
Rogue Hero

Matthew Malevolence


Magnetic Gun, Magnetism powers





Anthony Magnet is a rouge Hero and enemy of the Recourse Squad. He is partnered with Edward Shockwave and serves under Matthew Malevolence.


Anthony was a part of a Hero Team that was designed to investigate the well-being of mining bots and to conduct necessary maintenance on them.

During one of the teams' missions, Anthony accidentally touched a mining bot which was absorbing energy. Because the mining bot was old and its power draining abilities were faulty, resulting all the energy transferring into Anthony, who was holding a magnetic screwdriver at the time. The magnetic screwdriver transferred its properties into Anthony. He then fled and was never seen again.

Sometime after this incident, he came to meet Matthew Malevolence, who convinced him Hero Factory was to blame for his alterations. Anthony then served under him.

Personality and traits

Prior to his mutation, Anthony enjoyed his job as a Hero. He has always been silent, keeping his mission and remaining passive. After his mutation, Anthony gained an extreme dislike for Hero Factory, as he believes they betrayed him by abandoning him after the accident.

Powers and abilities

Anthony carries a Magnetic Gun, capable of emitting a magnetic pulse up to 40 m away from the weapon. The weapon also possesses the ability to draw magnetic objects within a 40 m radius of the weapon.

On top of his Magnetic Gun, Anthony also has magnetic powers of his own. His magnetic powers supplement the powers of his Magnetic Gun, allowing for a boosted range of almost 75 m.