Anthony Shadow

Anthony Shadow 2.0

Anthony Shadow is a Hero Recon Team agent with a mysterious past, Currently assigned to Patrolling the Outer Reaches of the Galaxy. Many heroes have noticed his Physical simalarities to Mark Surge (2.0), a good Friend of his. Unlike Many Heroes, He has no particular color scheme; He has a blend of a Few colors, such as Red and Yellow.



Shadow is quite old, but since He's a Robot, he ages incredibly slowly. About 500 years ago, A Hero was created at Recon Team HQ, and named Anthony Shadow. He showed impressive skills shortly after Construction, and was quickly Assigned to Outer Galaxy Patrolling, which is still his favorite way to Blow off steam.

Upgrade to 2.0

Recently, Shadow journeyed back to Hero Factory with a Fresh batch of (3 or 4) Captured Villains, And heard the news about Fire Lord, Tanker Station 22, New heroes Evo and Nex, And the Upgrade system. Curious, he decided to get Upgraded to 2.0 form. The Upgrade Was a Horrific Failure, and Immediatly After getting out of the Repair Bay, He decided to try again, for he doesn't have much fear in his Core. (he can be a little reckless because of this sometimes.) This Time, the Upgrade was a Success, and he's been beating bad guys better than ever before ever since then.

Savage Planet

He does have some 3.0 armor, which He calls 2.1, but doesn't use it incredibly often.