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Anti-Dragon Flight Suit
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Dragon Slayer created the Anti-Dragon Flight Suit from a stolen jetpack and a drop ship. After taking the stolen vehicles back to Inferno Factory, Dragon slayer dismantled them completely and then combined them creating his jetpack. He keeps the remainders incase he wants to add something to it.

Armaments and Equipment

High velocity plasma sphere shooter

These high powered guns fire balls of pure plasma and almost never miss the target. Even though pure plasma is quite dangerous if exploded, the A.D.F.S. is very quick and if the plasma explodes point blank, Dragon Slayer can fly outta there. The gun works in two formats, a beam format and a explosion format.
The beam format works by exploding the plasma ball in the gun and then in a nanosecond it engages the negative gravity generator, firing the explosion in a beam.
The explosion format works by engaging the negative gravity generator, shooting the plasma ball at a high velocity towards the target and upon contact it will cause a huge explosion.
The guns were designed so the could detach from the A.D.F.S. and be used as hand guns. So if Dragon Slayer needed to eject, but needed his guns he could remove them.

Plasma missile launcher

These are located on the side of the cockpit, they fire missiles that have a capsule filled with pure plasma, they work similar to the explosion format of the High velocity plasma sphere shooter as when they hit their target they explode.


For those who cant imagine what the suit looks, it is basically a cross between the Akatsuki Gundam with the Oowashi skypack and the Blast Impulse Gundam in terms of shape but in parts. It is mainly made from the jetpack with a a few parts from the dropship.