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Aphrax is a crafty villain that loves using fire as a weapon and as entertainment. He often goes on partnered missions for his gang, The Grax Gang, and usually does his job well, whether it's destruction, distraction, or plenty of other things.


Aphrax is a member of an organic species that naturally forms armor. He was born on an unknown planet during a time of war. Hero Factory's whereabouts at the time aren't exactly known, but they did not play a part in the war. Aphrax grew up in a quite savage world. He experienced all the wrong things a child could, including the execution of his own family (he was left alive as he was subject to an evil corporation's plot).

The Grax Gang

Aphrax escaped the ones who had enslaved him sometime during his adolescence. He almost went to the Hero Factory in hopes of finding at least someone to care for him. He ran into the Grax Gang on his way, and followed them as they went on a crime spree on a nearby planet. He eventually proved himself useful after a couple weeks of tagging along with the gang, and was accepted into their ranks.


A few months before the Breakout, the Grax Gang was captured and put into the maximum security prison at Hero Fatory. Aphrax himself was quite fascinated at how the heroes treated them, and remembered how he almost went to them for help in the first place. After traveling to -CONFIDENTIAL- Aphrax was sent to the planet -CONFIDENTIAL-. Further reports on his status coming soon.

Abilities and Traits

Having grown up in such poor conditions, Aphrax doesn't have the traits of an average villain (or hero at that). He usually is caught doing his own thing, unless he is working with others. His gang always has his back in times of need, and he does show emotion at times. He is a pyrotechnic, and would choose fire as a solution almost any time (the other options being either running, hiding, or turning to others). Others assume Aphrax became a pyromaniac out of his childhood of violence.


Aphrax uses an integrated arm claw-drill, which can be switched between one another whenever he desires. He also uses his signature flamethrower, with a near unlimited fuel supply (it is unknown why that is so).


Maximum value is 25.

Strength: 22
Agility: 23
Toughness: 22
Mind: 20


  • Aphrax was partially built in order to make use of the piraka double-weapon arm.
  • Aphrax's species is still not known of to Hero Factory.
  • In a way, Aphrax looks somewhat like a chicken.