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Aqua Staffs


Several Infected by Brains, others cured.


Makuhero City, Oceans

Aquagon is a species of sea creature indigenous to the oceans surrounding Makuhero City


Before Infection

Aquagon are frequently caught by fishers and eaten by large sharks. Although they are predators and are known to be very quick and surreptitious, they are not at the top of the food chain. They mainly feed on smaller fish. 

Population Drop

Several years ago, however, the number of Aquagon in the oceans around Makuhero City began to decrease at an alarming rate, endangering the species and forcing the Hero Factory to act. In one of his earliest missions, the Delta Team hero known as Sam Clank was tasked with an underwater assignment to investigate the cause of the population drop while other Hero Factory members worked on relocating specimens to an environmentally-protected area.

At around this point the villain known as Scratch became involved in string of new crimes in the Mutter's Spiral galaxy, including the unlawful killing of specimens from the Aquagon species, which was illegal at the time due to a population dip in the Aquagon numbers.


An Aquagon affected in the BRAIN ATTACK crisis.

Delta 3 members Darren Grudge and Georgina Scope were assigned with investigating the possibility of a single crimelord being behind the illegal fishing and, after capturing and tormenting a number of assassins, it was decided that there was in fact a figure responsible for the destabilization of the space sector, though the Hero Factory would not allow them to pursue the issue further due to Grudge and Scope's unorthodox methods.

After several months of the Hero Factory's protection of the species signs of improvement became clear and the Aquagon naturally began to increase in number to the point where they were no longer considered in danger.


Upon the universal-wide Brain infestation, hundreds of Aquagon were infected and mutated. The Brains mentally hijacked the Aquagons, and they were all driven toward Makuhero City to cause destruction, which is the goal of the creator of the Brains. They gained maneuverability on land and most of them attacked Evo. He made quick work of them with his grip-work trident.

Abilities and Traits

Principally, Aquagon were armed with blade-like appendages attached to their wrists, enabling them to slice at pray or defend themselves from larger predators. Moreover, members of the Aquagon species were known to attach their webbed feet together, creating a larger fin to propel themselves through the water at greater speeds.

With larger predators and poaching operations constantly imperiling Aquagon populations, the species has notably adapted tendril-like threat ganglia, which allow them to sense nearby movement in the water and alert them to danger.


  • On a number of planets Fried Aquagon is considered a delicacy, though it has been outlawed and campaigned against on multiple occasions.
  • Aquagon are not considered as intelligent lifeforms under the criteria of the Interplanetary Xenologic Classification System