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"Kill the heroes before I kill you."
―Arachnophobia to Turner
Spider Titan








Arachnophobia is a villain who is the last of his kind. His real name is J-Cm. He has lots of universal criminal friends, including Turner, who works on the black market selling illegally imported animals, such a ScratchR beetles and Arakiderds, which is a type of spider that Arachnophobia uses to try and resurrect his race, AND use them to carry a virus that would go into the Hero factory assembly tower and infect heroes.


As a child, Arachnophobia (Known as J-Cm back then) was badly bullied because his kind were considered minorities back then. One day,when he was just 8 years old, He was in a park when he got picked on by bullies from his school. They threw him upside into a bin, with only spiders for company. Unfortunately for J-Cm, he was a major Arachnophibia sufferer. When his parents fished him out, J-Cm wasnt the same. He would spend weeks at a time in his room huddled under his bed, shivering with fear.

The Plan

Arachnophobia finally pulled himself together, but when he did his parents had died in a train crash, and a social worker left him on the planet Quatros. Back then Quatros was home to a massive children's home, and to stop J-Cm going home, they told him his world had got sucked into a black hole.This was untrue, but, young Arachnophobia broke out and he ran away. Witch doctor took him in until he was adult size, and in doing so gave him shots of corrupted Quaza to mutate him.

Still believieng his world had gone, Arachnophobia turned to his childhood friend, Turner for some help. Turner said that he could get a hero core, some Arakiderds and a corpse and could see what happened. It didn't work, but it did result in a virus that made infected become humanoid/spider like zombies.