The Arena Championship is a large championship held in arenas. Arena Championships occur every 2 years. Both heroes and villains form teams and compete in order to try to win the championship. There are many levels of battling before the championship battle. There are 2 divisions. There are 20 teams per division.


Practice battles are battles held with teammates to practice. Practice battles are not mandatory in the championship, however it is reccomended. (Killing a teammate during a practice battle will result in being kicked out of the championship.)


Match 1 is a battle against another team. This is required in order to have a higher chance of getting into the finals. Match 2 is a battle against another team. It is just like Match 1, only harder. Match 3 is a battle against another team. It is just like Match 2, only harder. Match 4 is a battle against another team. It is just like Match 3, only harder.


The Face-Off Entry Competition is a battle in order to determine who will be in the finals. 6 teams can go in the Face-Offs. 12 teams can go in the Face-Off Entry Competition. The winners that have the top 6 highest amount of victorys will go on to the Face-Offs. The 12 teams in the Face-Off Entry Competition will be determined who won the most matches in the previous matches. The Face-Offs are battle contests where the 6 teams face-off against each other. The 3 winners go into the Finals.


The Finals are where the 3 remaining teams battle 5 times. Each match will have 3 teams. When the last 2 remaining teams are left, then they win. The 2 teams with the highest amount of wins will move on.


The Semi-Finals are the final battles before the championship battle. The last 2 remaining teams per division will face off against each other. The winner will go on to the championship battle.

Championship Battle

This is the ultimate battle. The winners of the 2 divisions will fight against each other. The winning team is declared the Champions. Each team member will be rewarded a golden sword and 1,000,000,000 credits.

Other Information

Tiebraker Match

If, with any reason, there is a tie, a Tiebraker battle will occur. This can also occur with the Championship battle.

Match Redo

A Match Redo is a redo of a match that occurs when a battle is stopped for weather reasons or destruction of the arena.

Known Teams

  • Sharpshooter Snipers
  • Acid Demons
  • Flaming Infernos
  • Xploding Bombs
  • Oracles Of Light
  • Road Runners
  • Tech Heads
  • Tech Raiders
  • Savage Brawlers
  • Missle Torpedoes
  • Shadow Reapers
  • Medics Of Fear
  • Sharp Daggas
  • Fire Villains
  • Bug Jets
  • Makuhero Defenders
  • New Stellac Liberators
  • Black Holes
  • Smashers
  • Phantoms
  • Atomic Nukes
  • XT4 Viruses
  • 742185 Confidential
  • Brainiacz
  • Scouts of Death
  • Nexus Dualas
  • Hard Kore Killz
  • Demons
  • Ghostz