Ashley Snapper
Ashley Snapper

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Ashley Snapper is a hero on the Crest 7 team.


Snapper was originally created in the Assembly Tower - and unknown to many heroes, she was actually on a team with Jimmy Saber and Mercaton. During a battle with a whirling green energy, Snapper noticed that Mercaton had stunned Saber, and Saber had been killed by the energies. She fought him out of the area as the room above them crushed the energies. She survived, But Mercaton escaped.

She was later assigned to be on a new team: Crest 7. Her first mission on that team was to defeat a villain named StalkDrill. While Karsen Springer went off to find the mischevious Matt tremor, she aided the team later and her two other allies in an attempt to defeat the robot. However, Goldson was injured and Alexa went to help. The team leader, Patroller, told Ashley to back down. The robot, at the last minute nearlly killed him - But Springer saved the day by releasing al of the robot's energy: nearlly three-hundred gallons of gasoline.