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Beta Squad 5
Leader Alexander Missileking
Goal Rescue missions
Status Disbanded
Enemies Unknown

The Beta Squad 5 was a squad of Heroes occupied with finding and rescuing missing Heroes. The team has since disbanded, following its last mission being a failure. 


The team's known members incluce Alexander Missileking and Edward Shockwave. Prior to Alexander's involvement with Beta Squad 5, he was part of an elite team with Ethan Powerbreaker before the team disbanded after the failure of one of their missions. Alexander wound up forming the team, which achieved many goals and was very successful.

Despite their achievements, Beta Squad 5's success wound up coming to a tragic end. The team's mission log was kept in secret after their last mission was recorded as a failure, as Edward Shockwave was left behind on a planet overrun by Raw-Jaws. After the team disbanded, Alexander became a rookie trainer at the Hero Factory, while Edward was later obtained by Matthew Malevolence. In the present day, Alexander has become more comfortable outside of the team, and often shares his experiences and stories with others. 

Known Former Members