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Bill Ness

Von Ness


Energy sword, Plasma launcher





Bill Ness is a Hero that is also the son of Von Ness. He was on the Delta 25 team and was an expert with all weapons.


Like his teamates he was created in the assembly tower in the Hero Factory. He was the first hero after Nex and Evo to recieve the upgrade. He along with fellow heroes Inferno and Driller were allowed to start the Delta 25 team.

Joining the Recon Team

After many successful missions he was accepted into the Hero Recon Team. First they had to go to the outskirts of Makuhero City to fight Thornraxx and after that he finally got put in prison. Then they went on many missions to Quatros because lots of villains were stealing the Quaza.

Abilities and Traits

As a weapons expert he knows what every weapon out there looks like and what it does. He is a very calm and mild-mannered hero sometimes and sometimes he can be fierce and mean in a fight but he's nothing like his father Von Ness.

Weapons and Gear

From the upgrade on he carried an Energy sword and an armored Plasma launcher. It's unknown what he used before the upgrade.


  • It is unknown what he looked like before the upgrade.
  • He does not know that his father is Von Ness.