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BionicleZilla is a giant monster targeted by the Hero Factory. 


Original Mission: Terror of BionicleZilla

Furno and a rookie named Magno came to the planet Earth to stop this monster. On arrival, it attacked two Hero rookies named Facro and Nex. BionicleZilla is about 26 feet tall and originates from S-cells. It was a perilous battle for the heroes, of course, but what defeated the monster in the end was Magno's smart thinking. He managed to make Zilla eat a screw and then used his magnetic powers to beat the monster.

The Bionicle Zilla is a monster from ancient past referred to as a Kaiju, or giant monster. Somehow, Hero Factory managed to capture this beast previously. Of course, after the Breakout, it escaped along with thousands of other villains that people have spotted.

There have only been two heroes to ever have a Core Charge explosive enough to deal with this Godzilla-sized monster: Magno and Furno. They were sent on this challenging mission after two heroes got destroyed trying to defeat it. (They were later revived by the T-System)


Stormer went up against Zilla after he defeated Speeda Demon. He wass the size of a wooden cabin! Stormer froze their surroundings, causing him to slip and slide. Zilla used his tentacles to stop stormer from going any further. BZ used his tail to zap Stormer, paralyzing him, and then stabbing him. Stormer raised his sword to successfully stab him and carried him tied up to his hero pod and then to hero factory.

Powers and Abilities

BionicleZilla has many dangerous powers and abilities, including Poisonous Spikes, claws, and atomic lightning breath. He is extremely agile and always cries and sobs for unknown reasons. He stands eight feel tall and has a two foot electrical spike on the tip of his tail. His tentacles can devour anything, and his skin is blue while everything else is red. He feeds on Quaza and metal. and is also a good swimmer. BionicleZilla is known to be smarter then Furno, but not as smart as Bulk. 


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