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Black Hole Orb Staff
Black hole orb staff

Sucking in everything nearby, seeing places in the universe.


Stored inside the Hero Factory


Makuhero City

The Black Hole Orb Staff is a weapon weilded by Von Nebula. It also contributes to the effects of the Vortex Probes.




Although the staff's creator is unknown, it is known that it's Von Nebula's primary weapon, and can be used to create black holes that sometimes lead to other dimensions. The staff can also absorb and trap people inside. During Von Nebula's raid on New Stellac, he used the staff to create a black hole over the city, and Furno and Stormer ventured inside to find and fight him.

Inside the dimension, the two clashed with Von Nebula, until Stormer managed to snatch the staff from him and use it against him, sucking him inside it. After the battle, Stormer handed over the weapon to the Hero Factory, who maintained it inside of their headquarters in a highly-secure vault.

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