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Black Phantom
Black Phantom

Legion of Darkness (Formerly)


Razor Sabre Mace Staff, Arachnix Drone




Hero Factory Lockup

"Many will burn. Heroes, I won't just spare all of you, I shall praise you."
―The Black Phantom [src]

The "Black Phantom" is a Villain responsible for the breakout of hundreds of Villains from the Hero Factory Prison Center and also Master the Brain Attack. He tends to carry a mace and an Arachnix drone as primary weapon.


Legion of Darkness

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Black Phantom Profile

Black Phantom in Hero Factory Command Center

Millennial Shadow

Black Phantom is a general in charge of the Millenials. He may be a complete power house but his most common weapons are deceitful play with people's emotion, politics, and creating master plans that are quite dreadful. Black Phantom has mastered the breakout and has helped master the brain attack. He plays a very large role.

Personality and Traits

The Black Phantom operates best in secret, manipulating the actions of others with and without their knowledge. He will go to great lengths to achieve his goals, insofar as he does not extend his reach so far as to be unable to pull his arm back. He is a planner, willing to get his own hands dirty but perfectly willing to do what needs to be done.

Abilities and Equipment

See: Arachnix

The exact extent of the Black Phantom's abilities is unknown. He does seem to possess some level of superior strength and agility, though whether this is the result of intense training or if he is endowed with powers is unclear. He is capable of wielding his Razor Sabre Mace Staff, which is said to be "heavier than a house," though there is little to no evidence that there is any truth to this statement.

His most utilized tool is an Arachnix drone, which he treats more like a pet. The drone has the ability to duplicate itself and re-absorb these duplicates at will. It also has the ability to charge and fire an energy blast from it's mouth.



  • The Black Phantom introduced himself to Nathaniel Zib as "The Black Phantom," rather than simply "Black Phantom," implying it may be an alias.