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"I suggest you move along, hero, before I become... irritated."






Blazestorm is a highly wanted criminal who acts as one of Von Nebula's lieutenants.


Not much is known about Blazestorm's past; rumors abound concerning his origins: Some say he was a hero who lost his way, eventually leading him to a life of crime; others that he was once a powerful crime lord whose empire was somehow brought down.

In any case, the being known only as Blazestorm has been a well-known factor in Von Nebula's organization, though he has also been known to either hire himself out to other crime heads, or organize thefts and other criminal activities on his own.

In the last several years, however, Blazestorm has become the target of a Hero Factory operative known as Tyler Quake. Exactly why Tyler has been chasing Blazestorm in paticular is currently unknown.

Abilities & Traits

Unlike most of Von Nebula's henchmen, Blazestorm is dangerously intelligent and a deadly foe to face in battle. Though he serves Von Nebula to the best of his ability, Blazestorm harbors a searing hatred of his gang's leader, believing Nebula's actions to be motivated by a mere desire for vengeance against Preston Stormer and the other heroes. Despite this hatred, however, Blazestorm rarely confronts his leader on major choices, believing Nebula will eventually make a mistake, leaving his position as the group's leader free for Blazestorm to take over.

In addition to formidable strength and durability, Blazestorm possesses the ability to focus the heat produced by his inner systems into his armor, allowing the surface of his heat-resistant hide to achieve immensely high temperatures. This not only makes Blazestorm virtually untouchable, but also allows him to melt his way through most surfaces with a simple touch.


Blazestorm's primary tool in combat is a Blaze Blade which (like Blazestorm himself) can produce incredibly high volumes of heat, allowing it to melt through most surfaces. This blade is affixed with a Meteor Launcher.

Blazestorm also arms himself with a Shredder Claw and a Stinger Blade, both of which are capable of ripping and slicing through metal and armor thanks to there ability to fuse with his flames.