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Boost Team
100 5762
Headquarters Makuhero City; Assembly Tower
Leader Nick Boost
Goal To keep peace in the galaxy
Status Active
Allies Hero Factory
Enemies The Grax Gang

Boost Team is a Hero Factory team that travels around the universe investigating strange occurrences in distant galaxies.


Starting the team

Boost Team was formed by some of the most unlikely heroes. It was first created by Nick Boost, a headstrong hero who rose from rookie to leader, Phillip Dart, a brave and courageous hero also Boost's closest friend, and Mark Titro, an extremely intelligent hero that was ranked among scientists and professors.

First missions

Later on, new members joined the team. Prazz, the rookie joined when he was left out of the Quatros mission, but befriended Boost and Titro. Tony Basher joined in gratitude after being saved by the team from a near death experience. The team took on several missions, first in places "close to home" around Hero Factory. After some time, the team began taking on missions in far out galaxies "at the edge of the universe" as Dart called it.

The Ice Planet

The team was joined by the new rookie Vincent Dash, who accompanied them on their trip to the ice planet: Nitronix.

The expedition to Nitronix is written in the story Mission: The Ice Planet, check it out!


As the Breakout occurred, Boost Team was sent together to combat and capture The Grax Gang (including Xetrozex, Looru, Aphrax, and multiple others) in -CONFIDENTIAL-. Team members Basher, Dart, and Dash all left the team and went their separate ways. To the team's surprise, a couple of local agents from Hero Factory opted to aid them along the way. As the team was on their way out, they met David Orre, Prazz's old best friend, who was glad to join in on the mission. Later on, Orre became a permanent member.





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