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Brandon Blitz

Hero Factory


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Makuhero City

"Okay, scumbags. Lower your weapons. Wow, I didn't know I was this well known. I'm just passing by."
―Brandon Blitz entering a club full of criminals quickly drawing there weapons.

Brandon Blitz (sometimes called BB) is a veteran hero and is one out of two rare types of Heroes created by the Hero Factory.


During the begining of Von Nebula's corruption a team of Heroes where being created in the Hero Factory Assembly Tower so Preston Stormer's team wouldn't be overrun with all the criminal activity increase. However Von Nebula still had connections with Hero Factory and sabotaged the Hero Factory Assembly Tower and only two of the heroes survived. Von Nebula had placed explosives within the Hero Factory Assembly Tower and after these explosives were detonated the Hero Factory Tower had suffered majorly. Quickly the damages were repaired, meanwhile the two heroes that survived: Brandon Blitz and Andrew Wave where trained and where assigned to Stormer's team. After countless encounters with Von Nebula's forces Andrew Wave was offered by Von Nebula to join his organization in the private last battle between Nebula at this time and accepted. In denience Brandon Blitz tried to attack Von Nebula and almost was destroyed. Blitz recovered from this battle and now constantly takes on missions in Makuhero City and later resigned from Preston Stormer's team, Alpha team preferring to work alone due to guilt from past experiences.

Abilities & Traits

Blitz's eforts against crime is highly spoken of when other Heroes talk of Blitz. After Andrew betrayed Hero Factory Blitz has grown a hatred toward the new Wavern. This hatred led to a strong dedication to stopping crime but has impacted his personality somewhat, but Blitz doesn't allow his past to weaken his confidence and ego. Brandon Blitz is very agile and flexable being able to do flips, jumps, and other feats. His armour is light and can handle most melee attacks and is somewhat energy resistance.


Blitz's main weapon is his Combuster, a quick and controlled blaster that fires an energy blast capable of literally knocking an enemy off the ground. The blaster uses energy from Blitz's Hero Core. Theres only one flaw with this weapon: it takes time to reload after uses. When Brandon Blitz needs to fight face-to-face with a criminal he uses his Dual Energy Blades. While the blades are in use Blitz can fire energy bolts from the blades that use energy from Blitz's Hero Core.


  • Brandon Blitz is Mazeka369's Hero Factory self-moc.
  • He is based off Mazeka369's actual name, and he is also nicknamed BB - in which Mazeka369 is also nicknamed.
  • His creator is currently retired from this wiki, and Brandon's history will be written by both Starscream7 and partially Mazeka369 himself.