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Bruce Titanus



Samurai Swords, Quaza Cannons





Bruce Titanus is from the Alternate reality of the Gamma Universe arises a new warrior with the ability of turning into super mode exactly as G-Rocka  and Hero Slayer.  His origins are unknown.


Shortly after the return of G-Rocka to Makuhero City came a Hero of unknown origins.  He claimed that in the future that the Heroes are victorious but at the cost of many lives and the destruction of many planets.  He was sent by his master, G-Rocka, to prevent the catastrophe from coming to past.

Titanus revealed that Heero Slayer has been training other villains for a full scale invasion against Makuhero City.  The war between the Heroes and the Villains will rage on for years before in comes to an end.  The casualities included many of the original Alpha team and the newly formed Gamma Squad.  G-Breez and Titanus carried out the last request of G-Rocka to send back Titanus to potentially save the future.  Well aware that he may never be assembled if he saves the past, Titnanus accepted it without hesitation to save his home.

Before the Assembly tower was destroyed they managed to assemble one last hero, Titanus.  From then on out Titanus was known by his peers as 'The Last Hero.'  He has only known Makuhero City as wartorn wasteland with ruins as a reminder of its former glory.

Super Mode

Similar to G-Rocka, Titanus has the ability to change into Super Mode.  The blades on his back fold outwards to dispurse the excessive energy from being into this form in a safe manner. His strength and speed are enhanced in this form allowing him to preform incredible feats.  In this mode his quaza cannons do not need to charge as long to produce a powerful blast.


  • Samurai Swords- These swords are made of the strongest substance in the outer rims.  The material is able to channel Quaza energy creating bolts of energy that can slash enemies from far distances.
  • Quaza Cannons - These cannons discharges high concentrations of Quaza that can obliterate almost anything.   The drawback to the weapon it needs to charge for a period of time, depending on how powerful he needs the blast to be. Guantlets allows Titanus to channel Quaza from his hands although it is not as powerful as the cannons it is useful in a pinch since it does not need to charge like the cannons.


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  • Titanus prefers to use one sword versus the G-Rocka dual sword style.