Mass Driver Rifle





"I will not fail again."
―Bultrax's last words, Jungle of Danger

Bultrax was a Bounty Hunter who was a Hero before betraying the Hero Factory and killing all of his teammates. He later died trying to protect the Heroes of Delta Team 2.


Bultrax was created in the Assembly Tower and was made the leader of his team. During a mission he killed his teammates for money. Bultrax left the Hero Factory and turned into a Bounty Hunter.

Jungle of Danger

Bultrax, Spinax, and Smasher were hired by Shadow to kill the Delta Team 2 members on the planet Bosquex. When the Heroes arrived on the planet, Bultrax shot at the Dropship with his Mass Driver Rifle. The ship begin to fall. The Heroes jumped out of the ship and the team was divided. Later, Bultrax attacked Jayko Justice and Mike Rustler, shooting repeatedly at them with his rifle. When his ammo ran out, Rustler flew into the air and attacked Bultrax with his Multi-Tool Blades. Bultrax immobilized Rustler and the Hero fell. Justice shot at Bultrax with his Double-Barrel Blaster but Bultrax immobilized Justice. Bultrax captured the two Heroes and took them to Shadow. The captured Heroes woke up in Shadow's outpost with Bultrax and Smasher watching them. Shadow came and told the Heroes about his new weapon, the Spear of Fusion, and also told the Heroes that he wanted revenge on the team for spoiling all of his schemes before attacking them with the spear. While the Heroes were suffering, Bultrax remembered his old Hero team. Before Shadow could kill Stealth Stalker with his spear, Bultrax jumped in front of him and was fatally injured. Bultrax gave Stalker his Mass Driver Rifle before dying. 

Abilities & Traits

Bultrax was selfish and always wanted more money, although prior to his death he showed a lighter side of himself that saved several Heroes from being killed. He was an efficient murderer with great aim, and had silver armor with a hidden Hero Core. He had a 2.0 Hero form.

Weapons & Tools

Bultrax used a shield reinforced with Hero armor and a Mass Driver Rifle. He usually had a knife in his hand.