Christmas Lights 2

2012 CHFW Christmas Contest

This is the place to place your entry for the 2012 Custom Hero Factory Wiki Christmas Contest! Remember: you are allowed to enter a maximum of two entries! Have fun building!

  1. You may enter a Hero, Villain, Creature or Vehicle.
  2. You may enter a maximum of two entries. However, only one of these entries is allowed to make it to the prize.
  3. This is a recommendation and not a rule. Colors that would bring up the Holiday Spirit would be good for your MOCs, such as white, green and red. Other colors are welcome, although I recommend (but I don't enforce your decision) that the MOCs are "armored-up for the holiday season."
  4. Your MOC(s) must have an article. Information needed on the article(s) should include the MOC's biography/history, tools/weapons, a trivia section at the bottom of the page and an infobox. Your article should be as neat as possible!


  1. Thorn Vulnetrix, built by 21bub21, with 4 votes, in the first round
  2. Aldus6 Ice Speeder, built by Deltrax7, with 3 votes in the first round, 3 votes in the second round
  3. Hal Daze, built by OonieCacola, with 3 votes in the first round, 3 votes in the second round