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"In my opinion, you can call yourself anything you want, as long as you're not embarassed when your enemy is screaming it at the top of his lungs while you eviscerate him."
―Carrera, in Firefight, on the topic of her chosen codename.
Carrera "Firefight"
firefight (3).JPG






Carrera, (pronounced Kuh-RARE-uh) or also often called "Firefight", is a terrorist that specialized both in high-profile assassinations and explosions.


Like the vast majority of robots on Pentafrax 7-4, Carrera, once known as #2532, was created solely for the purpose of aiding the Terran Empire stationed on the planet, be it carrying out menial tasks, acting as a servant, or hard labour.

However, unlike the vast majority of robots, she is now known as one of the few 'bots who received a large enough infusion of quaza, almost certainly from Thorn Vulnetrix. Since then, Carrera has been at the forefront of the burgeoning Civicry forces, driving back the hated Terrans and their cruel order.

She is cast as a revolutionary among her fellow Civicry members, but she is branded a criminal elsewhere, even by Hero Factory. The Hero Factory has had a long history of standing alongside humans.

As such, Carrera was eventually hauled away. She was captured, a little accidentally it must be said, during the First Pentafrax Civil War. Following her arrest, she was incarcerated without a trial in Infernum.

Carrera's story continues in the Iron Maiden Trilogy.

Weaponry Detail

  • The "Iron Maiden" Set: The "Iron Maiden" set is not a weapon, but rather a combination of weapons. It contains four, long katanas, up to ten grappling lines, and four zip-lines. The grappling lines can be lashed, while in mid-air, to any structure, such as a building, or a tree, while the zip-lines then propel Carerra forward. She will then detach the grappling lines, and then re-hook them to another structure, all the while zipping forwards at speeds exceeding seventy km/h. It takes great balance and upper body strength to stay balanced in mid-air using only a bunch of steel cables and chains. The four katanas, which are are also part of this set, and be thrown in mid-air, and then immediately retracted.


While not an inherently bad person, Carerra does have a tendency to stray from the law.

One would not expect her to be a paid assassin and known terrorist just by looking at her. However, she often had to fight and fend for herself in the alleyways of Pentafrax 7-4. She learned to use the grappling hook at a very early age, to escape any humans (who lived on the planet alongside the robots) who were out to assert their superiority over the robotic denizens of Pentafrax 7-4. As such, she is surprisingly hardened, to a degree found only in war veterans.

Carerra is also disinclined to mindless violence. She does have honour among theives, or, rather, murderers, but unlike may others, she truly does uphold the rules she sets upon herself. She will turn her nose up at a job that she deems distasteful.

That being said, Carerra does have her weak points. After many years of being beaten on her home planet, she views humans as all the same, that is, crazy psychopaths bent on her own and her race's destruction. As such, she never shows mercy to them. As such, she has a tendency to blow up their buildings.

Carerra is also very distrustful, but with good reason. After all, a terrorist can't just make friends with a passing stranger.


Maximum value of 15.

Strength: 13
Agility: 15
Toughness: 10
Mind: 13


  • Carerra's weapons are loosely based off of The Recon Corps' 3D maneuvering set. The Recon Corps are in the anime "Attack on Titan". Don't watch if if you're under 16. Gory as heck.
  • If one has trouble understanding how the "Iron Maiden" set works, picture Spiderman using, and re-using, grappling hooks and steel cables instead of webs.
  • After watching the anime Claymore, Bub was slightly influenced by the armor the Claymores wore in the anime. As such, Carrera came out with a minimalist armor, such as the like found in the anime. Don't watch if if you're under 16. Also gory as heck.