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Cayla Summit
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Cayla Summit is a young Hero and a member of the team Kappa-13.


Like most other Heroes, Summit was created in the assembly tower in Mackuhero City. She was immediately assigned as a rookie to Kappa-13 to train, as Kappa-13 was a backup team and was rarely sent on dangerous missions. During her early training, she developed a close friendship with a hero named Jaydon Thistle, who had joined the team several months earlier.

Early Missions

A few months after joining the team, Summit and the others were sent to find a stash of stolen bank money on a nearby planet. They managed to track the criminal who stole the money into a ruined castle. During the pursuit of the criminal, Summit came across an axe, which she decided to keep.

After capturing the villain and returning the money to its rightful place, Kappa-13 returned to Mackuhero City.

Since then, the team has been sent on several minor missions, in which Summit has shown her teammates that she is a capable hero and a valuable member of the team.

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Summit was given an energy rifle when she joined Kappa-13. Since her mission to retrieve the stolen money from the ruin, she has possessed an old battleaxe which she is very fond of.

Her armor is blast resistant, and her hands have built-in electricity pods, which allow her to deliver small electric shocks.


Summit is eager to be recognized an important member of her team. She is excitable and sometimes slightly overenthusiastic, though she is serious and concentrated when necessary. She has a rather nasty temper when faced with taunts or criticism.

She is usually friendly to her teammates, especially Jaydon Thistle, who helps her during training.


Maximum value is 10

Strength: 6
Agility: 6
Toughness: 7
Mind: 8