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The Cepix is a strange mechanical creature that acts as any other savage animal would. They are robotic, yet they have special abilities allowing them to "adapt" over time. They can be seen living in jungle areas, hive-like regions specifically, yet some have been known to be used as a workforce for Hero Factory.


The Cepix was originally created by scientists on a distant planet. Their motives were unknown, but they were apparently made (and eventually mass produced) just for the sake of creating a new species (even though they are mechanical). Hero Factory encountered the species when researching The Hive, concluding the Cepix was a relative of Thornraxx's species originally. Some time later the truth was found, and the workers of Hero Factory were fascinated by the realistic characteristics of the creatures despite them being robotic. In a way, the Cepix is like a hero, capable of many things, both good and bad.

Abilities and Appearance

The Cepix can be quite unpredictable. Some are shy, others are fierce and yearn for destruction. Multiple members of the species are intelligent enough to help out heroes on missions (or cause chaos for them in another sense).

All Cepix are red and black with golden tints. Each individual, however, varies in the distribution of those colors. They can all fly, and have a stinger for protection, which is why they were mistaken as relatives of Thornraxx. They are armored much like the ordinary hero (looking over the fact they have an insect-like form). Cepix also have claws that can attack and grip objects, as well as two extra limbs towards their backs used for extra repulsion through the air and/or another "hand" to lend.

The Cepix can switch between two forms: active and secluded form. The secluded form allows itself to be used in any way possible, and it will feel no pain (besides death most likely). Heroes have been known to use a Cepix's secluded form as an effective battering ram. Although, as it's name states, the Cepix is secluded within a tight robotic form, it can still hover with its wings, and sting with its stinger if necessary. In active form, the Cepix can do pretty much everything else in it's ability from flying to charging.