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Classified X-R






""When you think no one's with you, your thoughts deceive you."
―-X-R, final statement before going rogue.

X-R lurks in the shadows of Makuhero City is a rogue that has been evolving his armour to fight against Hero Factory that he once was a part of.


Releasable information

His armour is based on a project he witnessed at the Hero Factory headquaters that cannot be disclosed. After leaving, he expected the Hero Recon team to be using this armour on their new recruits, so he made his own version of it that pumps adrenaline into his body and keeps his heart at a steady pace so he doesn't pass out from loss of energy.

The reason they say he broke from the Hero Team he was a part of was because he didn't like the idea that he was made to work for a team, designed and sent out for them from birth. He wants to eliminate the creation of soldiers.

He has only spoke to the public twice. Both times were by hacking into the mainframe of the speakers around the city from an undisclosed location.

He seems to have a connection with someone unknown in Hero Factory. (Currently under investigation)

He is known to get his upgrades from stealing, paying black market dealers, and by eliminating of heroes.

He has never harmed a civilian, however.


  • His design has been changed a lot.
  • He has looked the same for over a year with nearly no changes.
  • I recently decided to upload him after a long time of delaying.


Maximum value of 25.

Strength: 15 (20 when fully charged)
Agility: 17
Toughness: 19
Mind: 25
  • Back of him.
  • Front of him.