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An established member of Lambda 17, Colin Rush is a hero training in Hero Collegium.

Colin Rush
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Like all members of Lambda 17, Colin is a highly experimental design designed to house a living brain. In Colin's case, he houses the mind of Prestige, an elite member of the OSB. As such, he is especially good in combat with Hunter CORPS. and Heroes. Due to the creation of Lambda 17, the shield around the Hero Collegium had to come down for enough energy to build and fully energize Lambda 17. As such, they are indirectly responsible for the invasion.

Brought online during the Hunter CORPS. invasion of Hero Collegium, he was assigned to track down and kill Yuan-Jen Arymii. Upon coming into conflict with her, Colin was then contacted by Jericho Caliber to go to the Communications tower. Upon arriving there, he got a call from Hero Factory to send all available units to the Underground Detentions Facility. On his way their, he met up with Stringer and later the rest of Lambda 17, Lambda 16, and Theta 12. When the Hunter CORPS. staged a breakout of their imprisoned Corpsmen, Colin cut the off from escaping, allowing the others to massacre the prisoners, who were then attacked by Quaza Demon


Abilities, Equipment, and Personality

Designed around two highly niche and experimental technologies, he is almost completely unique in prupose. Designed to move fast and deal with crowds faster, he has two main technologies, that being his finger cordsets and skin mounted flamethrowers. The first allows him to get around very fast in city and forest environments, while the second allows him to break out of most cages, ropes, and grabs, while also somewhat augmenting combat ability. The combination of the two allows him to trap large groups, and spinning allows him to crate a large flaming circle.

He doesn't usually carry equipment, though a crossbow was in his arsenal during one battle royale.

Much like his lambda 17 brethren, he lights up in combat, allowing him to use deeply rooted tactical abilities to keep himself moving. When he starts moving, when adrenaline starts flowing, he can't stand still, constantly air boxing, pacing back and forth, or rocking on his feet back and forth. When out of combat, he can get highly manic. While more friendly and outgoing than his teammates, he is also more deeply disturbed than any of them, stemming from his inability to feel anything. Without a sense of touch, but with instinct that tells with him what it does feel like, he's slowly going insane under his cheerful persona.


Maximum is Twelve.

Strength: 7
Agility: 11
Toughness: 0
Mind: 9
  • Actual ability to withstand gunfire and fistfighting is completely unknown, do to his lack of sensory nerves, and as such, he cannot take damage. However, this also causes him to completely underestimate how much actual injury he's taken.