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Crest 7






Crest 7 is a Hero Factory team made up of six members.



The Team's first mission was to a Corn Maze, in which a villain named 'StalkDrill' was whacking down corn stalks and destroying the maze. The crew ran across a bridge, in which the villain decimated seconds before they got off. Using a boomerang, Springer sent the villain tumbling - yet he got back up as if nothing happened, The flunky of the team, Matt, grabbed a flag and began to wave it in the air. Alexa asked what he was doing, and he said that he figured out that if you swing the flag in the air, people will know you need help. Suddenly, Stalkdrill took a green buzzsaw and sliced the flag pole apart, to which Matt fled through the maze. Patroller ordered Springer and Alexa to find Matt and bring him back ASAP. The two Heroes ran off as Scott, Ashley and Sophie fired and threw weapons at the massive being. Than - StalkDrill knocked Sophie unconcious, and as Scott ordered Ashley to get her to safety - he had a plan. He rose his weapon and fired blasts of gravitational disruption soundwaves that sent the twenty foot villain tumbling to the ground again. Just before he could get up, Springer 'sprung' over several stalks, jumped on the villain, and pulled a plug full of gasoline. Scott asked what happened, and Springer said that he's running on fuel, and that if he loses too much - or all of it - he crumbles to giant pieces of metal. In the end, Sophie recovered and Matt Tremor was put into Hero Interrogation for questioning about his traitorous act.

Recently, Tremor was revealed to have been sending Top Secret Information about Hero-Cuffs to the villain XPlode, and he was found out by Scott. Quickly, Scott cuffed Matt and tried to stop the Information mailing - But it was too late. The info had already been sent. Scott brought Matt to the Hero Factory Prison Center, in which he was scanned by a robot named "Skinny Kenny". During the scanning, he was revealed to be a true traitor, and even worse - he wasn't corrupted. Matt was than brought to Hero Factory Prison Chamber #761.


  • Scott Patroller (Leader)
  • Karsen Springer (Lieutenant)
  • Sophie Goldon
  • Matt Tremor
  • Alexa Andler


  • Crest 7 is related to the team on a field trip that Starscream7 had which was to a Corn Maze.
  • The characteristics of the team resemble them in reality.
  • The names are slightly changed.