NOTE: THIS PAGE IS NOT FOR THE "...of the Month" votes. You may vote for those pages here.

ANOTHER NOTE: These contest will not be held every month. Maybe twice or thrice a year.

1. In order to enter a MoC into his contest, it first must be nominated. Anybody can nominate a page by writing a message on this page. You may not nominate your own MoCs. If a user has more than one of his MoCs nominated, he will have to choose which one gets put into the final vote.

2. The MoC must be built by using lego. It cannot be made in LDD. Painted/modified pieces are fair game. Lego pieces of all kinds are welcome, as it does not have to be limited to Hero Factory and BIONICLE.

3. After the deadline has passed (usually after a month), everybody will vote. The vote will last for one or two weeks. The MoC with the most votes wins, and there will be a runner-up.

4. Prizes will be dished out!

5. You may enter only one entry.

6. Anyone may edit this page below.

Nominations and Votes

Official Entries

Jack Reacher - Built by BobTheDoctor27, nominated by 21bub21

Riaso Wolf - Built by ShadowWolfHount, nominated by Deltrax7

Overlord - Built by DeltaStriker, nominated by Bionic-Force Factory

Cyber-Surge XL - Built by 21bub21, nominated by BobTheDoctor27

Currently Non-Official Entries

Ryan Killshot has been nominated, but will not be entered until the anon. user makes an account.


To vote, simply type your username below, and then type the name of the MOC you think is worthy of winning! All bolded entries above may be voted upon.

  • Username example, MOC example
  • OonieCacola, Cyber-Surge XL Oonie is coming to HF... 08:26, September 16, 2012 (UTC)
  • Deltrax7, Riaso Wolf Deltrax7 (talk) 14:49, October 8, 2012 (UTC)

Past winners