Daniel (BioHeroFactory)

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Daniel is BioHeroFactory's self moc, who usually carries his pet Spider-Bot on his left arm.


Daniel is the only hero built with the program known as "Bullet Bender". Which means if a villain is hiding behind a corner, he can fire a shot around the corner and hit the villain.


One day on a mission to Savage Planet to find any animals with infected quaza spikes still attached, Daniel and his teammates came across a injured creature,Spider-bot. While his teammates wanted to leave him, Daniel gave Spider-bot a treat that was for any animals with infected quaza spikes that they removed. When he gave him the treat, Spider-bot then clung to his armour and would not come off. Suddenly a Fangz attacked them, Spider-bot then grew two blades out of the top of his head. Daniel then blocked the Fangz and cut off the infected quaza spikes. The Fangz then ran off. After completing their mission, Zib examined Spider-bot and discovered that Spider-bot could create any kind of weapon. Since then, as Daniel put it, "There are some things that when someone does something for you that you cannot help but become friends with them. Saving your life is one of those things."


His Spider-bot can transform into any weapon.


Daniel is compassionate, and has a soft spot for animals.