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Daniel Rocka

Hero Factory,




Makuhero City

Daniel Rocka is the newest member of the Hero Factory. He was recently assigned to venture into the Savage Planet and later defended Makuhero city during the Brain Attack.


Savage Planet

Rocka was first created in the Assembly Tower as a 2.0 Hero, and ventured to the Savage Planet to find Aldous Witch. Upon disobeying Zib's orders, he landed on the planet, and looked around until he was attacked by a Fangz beast. Luckily, he escaped, finding Aldous Witch and two other Fangz beasts. However - Aldous Witch, now the Witch Doctor, had the Fangz beasts attack and badly ravage him.

Stormer, along with Furno, Nex, Stringer and Bulk set off with new armor to find him. Upon arrival, they found him, badly bruised, and they encountered the Witch Doctor as well. After a brief encounter, Rocka was upgraded back at their Hero Craft, and they set off to battle the Witch Doctor's minions. Rocka teamed up with Stormer and Bulk.

Near the climax of the battle, Rocka and Bulk had been shrunk due to the effects of their portal, and both were captured by the Witch Doctor - but luckily, were freed, and were brought back to their normal size along with Stormer. Furno, Nex and Rocka came up with a plan to help Rocka defeat the Witch Doctor, by using some spare parts they found in a cave. Rocka was modified into Rocka XL - battling the Witch Doctor, but was badly damaged from his rusted form. However - this gave Stormer the upper hand to seize the Witch Doctor's staff and destroy it, therefore, causing him to loose all his power. Rocka discarded his XL parts and survived the fierce battle, where he, the other Heroes and the captured Witch Doctor headed to Makuhero City.


Rocka Breakout - Serial

Rocka appears in breakout as well in his 4.0 form. They do not show how he upgraded, though. Rocka takes on Black Phantom with the rest of the Heroes back at Hero Factory. Rocka is actually a Hero Recon Team member.

The Vengeance Attack

Rocka will later appear in The Vengeance Attack, which takes place directly after the events of the mission on Quatros.


Rocka will also later appear in Infernum in his XL form.

Brain Attack


Personality and Traits

He is kind hearted but is unfortunately, spoiled by Zib. He gives him ridiculous upgrades and let him pass on breakout even though he fought black phantom which was surprisingly easy. He befriended cuffy and is actually a reincarnation of the first alpha team leader.

Powers and Equipment

He has the same weapon as Evo 2.0 and a claw. His ability is mostly speed.