Daniel Verge
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Daniel verge was a recon member built before the Breakout.



Like most heroes, Verge was built in the assembly tower. He was designed to be the third hero using Furno's plans. His initial hero core charge showed the same readings as Furno's did. He was designed for speed and agility. In his training he showed not only speed or agility but also stealth. His proximity sensors were very advanced and his "eye sight" was better. After training he was recruited into the Hero Recon Team with two other rookies.

Toxic Reapa

Verge was assigned to spy on Toxic reapa and discover his plot. He was close to finding out what Toxic Reapa planned to do untill Reapa blasted him with acid. Toxic reapa chased him around untill he leaped off a tree and dissapeared under a giant branch. Verge raced back to the site were Toxic Reapa was only to discover thousands of eggs full of Toxic Reapas species. Verge quickly warned Evo.


Verge returned to the Hero Factory only to discover it in lockdown. When the Alpha 1 team arrived he quickly got into the Hero Factory and discovered the employees at the factory knocked out. Verge soon woke them up.

The Villian Mystery

When some of the heroes defeated a small group of villains they discovered they were robots but built with HF equipment. Verge went to the V-16 Sattalite to observe these new villians. He is currently observing them now.


Verge is eqquiped with a Triple Plasma Mega Blaster 6.7 and a grappling hook with laser targeting system. He also has a jetpack.
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"Verge was designed for agility and speed. A fast hero! Not a Recon agent" Zib complaining to mr Makahero.


Verge is a fun loving, always jump into action hero. He is sometimes extremely smart but doesn't actually think things through. He loves solving riddles and always trys to investigate a mystery. Sometimes he pushes himself too hard so he cannot nearly get killed in missions. He's very calm but he's not patient. He shows no fear in the face of villians when they catch him spying. He's also very atheletic and finds running away from a villain a bit like a game.

Strength: 3
Agility: 9
Toughness: 4
Mind: 9