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"Oh no, fear the brains that jump around on your head and mutate into some abomination! Yes, fear the brains. Oooooh!"
―Darek Magno being sarcastic on the brain attack mission with the rest of the hero factory
Darel Magno is a Hero who was made in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City



After his creation, Magno worked very hard to impress everyone and did. He studied the Alpha Team very closely while other times shows off towards Whiplash. In far too many missions, he actually tried to help the Alpha Team and did more good than harm, usually. After the Savage Planet incident (saving the team because Rocka decided to go into the XL suit and failed) he was promoted to team leader instead of nearly promoting to Alpha Team, thanks to Rocka. Soon after words Breakout occured and quickly cuffed enough opponents to promote to Alpha Team. He tried to keep in touch with his team and tried to train them. Unfortunately, he got really, really, really, sarcastic with just about everyone when Brains were attacking. He, along with the rest of the hero factory, were defending themselves from the brains. There were many brutal creatures. Bruizers, Aquagons, Pyrox's, many Sulugrax victims, Ogrumiums, Brutaks, Byrogs, Mecians, the Valiant, Scarox's, Currupted heros, Dragon Bolts, ex-villains, Mexes Queen, Frostbeasts, Shadoxues, Chimerx, ect. were some of the billions of creatures that were attacking. (see LEGOJANG, other youtubers, and This page for more details) The battle was feirce, Dragon Bolt already broke into Hero Factory and damaged the systems to the point of another breakout. During the beggining of his life, he was sent on a search to find who went inside Hero Factory and tore the universe apart into an empire. Magno was supposed to search.

Drone Attack 2

All the heroes watched from a window sill knowing they could not do anything. The factory was locked from the outside and the only hero that was outside was Kirk Thresher, the toughest Hero that beat the drone before but, unfortunately, was severely injured by it. Everyone just watched, hopeless, nothing they could but watch and think if they could of done anything. Magno and his team were the ones to stop Psycho, and apparently underestimated him by ignoring his pesturing pranks. Now he controls the robot, about to put a dent in Hero Factory history.

Von Nebula

Magno just was told of the Legendary Alpha Team when they were apparently on their most dangerous mission in years. A rogue Hero named Von Ness was attacking hulking a major ten feet. The mission was apparently nearing an end and Magno looked out the window to see he seven heros, Dropship PilotJimi StringerWilliam FurnoMark SurgeNatalie BreezDunkan Bulk, and ofcourse the hero who was obviously going to save the day, Preston Stormer. Magno was still watching from the window as was many other heros. They were shoked to see the older part of alpha team-Bulk, Stringer, and Stormer, were actually held captive in Von's minion's arms while the "rookies" (really they were veterans in any other part of Hero Factory) were destroying them completely. This made Magno hopeful for future missions, innevetably making him the team leader in the future combined with hard work.


He was recently promoted to team leader but in breakout, everyone on his team gasped when they saw who he was going to fight, Razor. He was shy, too, but he tried to hide it, gulping. He got a major upgrade. He argued to keep a meelee type weapon instead of "a plasma gun and a twig like googly eyes". Magno learned much and when he saw the short crime boss, he just through the cuffs and caught him very quickly.

"Magno just caught and cuffed Razor, but can you do the same? Go online to the awesome new game. It's free!"

Brain Attack

He has just been promoted to alpha team when the brains attacked. He got promoted to alpha team during the events though in the middle of an investigation, had to go and fight the brains. He saw so many monsters that his first instink was to hide behind Furno, who looked at him oddly when he saw magno shivering. Everybody but Furno was obviously frightened, even Stormer. So they all fought vichiously against the brain consumed creatures. Trying to pull brains out of them all, green goo was spilt everywere.  They saw old enemies joinig them in the fight. Many villains joined to 'defend their home' and aided them. Unfortunetly, brains were crawling everywere. The reason why they got visers was to defend their heads. Unfortunately for Iron Kriko, a brain infected him, mutated him, and turned him into a much less spindly creature. He rampaged and attacked but was stopped by the Magster. Brains were completely covering him. Furno thought in his mind about owing him one and destroyed all the brains on him. He saw Rocka and Cuffy helping.

Powers and Abilities

He is one of the strongest, fastest, most adapt to weapon, and most cocky out of his team. He can swim and has a jet pack, like the rest of his team. He has set a heroe record on the fastest learner. He is very shy and frightened when he fights villains but too confident with the other heroes, especially the XLs. He has a magnet claw, and for a 3.0 upgrade, he is, appropiately, a Dino saur. For breakout, he fought the crime leader, Razor. Who has some similar traits. He was assigned with a plasma gun and had a larger upgrade. He even got a sufficient melee weapon, a magnet.


Strength: 15
Agility: 18
Toughness: 6
Mind: 14


  • Magnet saws
  • Dino assortments
  • Core
  • Magnetic aurmor
  • Lightning conductors
  • Magnetic claw and blaster
  • Hyper magnetic claw
  • Drill
  • Alpha blaster


  • He is the main protagonist in Millennial Shadow
  • He had a similiar core charge to Furno.