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Day of the Dark King is a comedic short story.

Chapter 1

Dark King:La La La La oh for god's sake! Where are those STUPID SWAMPAX CLONES!

Hero on speaker:Mr King 2, moustached men are here to see you

Dark King:Finally those moron's are here! and it's not mr. King!

Dark King's cell bars deactivate and hero on a hover-pad picks him up and puts him in cuffs


Moustached guy 1:hey twin

Moustached guy 2:What

Moustached guy 1:I hear they are serving Nuts and bolts salad with melted quaza on top!

Moustached Guy 2:Thats Great!

Moustached Guy 1:when will he be here?

Dark King walks down stairs and sits on chair

Moustached Guy 1:hello!

Dark King:oh shuddit Swampax!

Moustached Guy 1:just making conversation

Dark King:i prefer my conversation's Without anyone else other than who im talking to.(whispers)you know what to do

Moustached Guy 1:yes i do

(Moustached guy pulls pistol out of moustache and shoots hero and other Moustached Guy.)

Dark King:not him dont shoot him you idiot!

Moustached Guy 1:who the hero?

Dark King:No the Other Swampax!you fool!

Moustached Guy 1:oh yeeeah and dont worry it uses sleep bullets

Dark King:idiot,Anyway take off that disguise we need to talk

(Moustached Guy 1 takes off disguise to reveal a bunny rabbit suit!)

Bunny Rabbit guy:wait wrong one

(Rabbit takes off Rabbit Disguise and Reveals a SWAMPAX!)

Dark King:its about time!Down to buisness you have my cannon?

Swampax 1:Yes Boss

Dark King:where is it?

Swampax 1:its in the top security hero factory weapons deposit

Dark King:Whaat!

Chapter 2


Joe: Hi Bob

Bob: Hello my friend joe

Joe: Hey Bob

Bob: What?

Joe: Where is Stephanie?

Bob: Guard duty you swap with her in 5 minutes

Joe: Oh yeah

(wall behind joe smashes to bits and Dark King flies in)

Dark King: Hello boys i would like to make a withdrawl

Bob: And what weapon do you need?

Dark King: 2 moustached friends of mine gave you a specific i right?

Joe: So you're Mr D King.Just sign here and we will get your cannon for you

(joe passes Dark King a holo-pad and pen and Dark King signs)

Dark King: There you go. Now where is my cannon?

Joe: Bob has gone to get it

Dark King: Good

(Bob returns with huge cannon on his back)

Bob: Here it is

(Bob passes Cannon to dark King who equips it)

Dark King: Finally the vector cannon is Mine!

(Dark King breaks another wall and flies out)

Dark King: FOOLS!I Will now destroy HERO FACTORY!

(Dark King Flies off towards the assembly tower and Stephanie runs in)

Stephanie: Guys who has the vector Cannon?

Bob and Joe: We do

Stephanie: Then whats he got?

Bob: A teleportation device

Joe: With one destination

Stephanie: Which is?

(Joe pulls out Holo-Map and Bob points to a spot)

Bob: Here!

Stephanie: Thats in front of Hero Factory!

Joe: Where a Hero Team will be ready to cuff him!

Stephanie: You knew he was a Villain?

(Bob and Joe Laugh at stephanie)

Bob:You thought we were stupid enough not to realise he was a villain! ha ha ha!

Stephanie: Riiight


Dark King: Now its time to destroy Hero Factory!

(Dark King charges up vector cannon)

Dark King: Muhahahaha!

(vector cannon teleports Dark King in front of hero factory on the ground and into hero-cuffs)

Dark King: What is the meaning of this!

Sam:Your little gun there is a teleporter with one and you would be ready to be cuffed

Nathan: That's right we knew your plan and messed it up! hahahaha!

(Dark King is dragged away and notices the swampax clones on deck chairs)

Dark King: Boys dont let them drag me away! Please don't let them

Swampax 1: We dont work for you anymore

(the swampaxes put on lab coats)

Swampax 2: We work for Hero Factory now!




Swampax 1: Hi ZIB!

Zib: Hello, you must be the new employees!

Swampax 1: Thats right

Swampax 2: Hey Zib what does this button do?

Zib: No No don't press that!

(Swampax 2 hits button and Credits Roll)

Characters(in order of apperance)

  • Dark King
  • Hero on speaker
  • Swampax 1 and 2
  • Hero (that makes sure Dark King does not escape while in talk)
  • Joe
  • Bob
  • Stephanie
  • Sam
  • Nathan
  • Zib