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Delta 1
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The Delta Team was a recon team of Hero Factory.


They were mainly used to combat extreme emergencies. The current condition of the members of the team is unknown. From gathered intel, they may have been scattered around the universe, dead for all anyone knows. Their last mission was in the forbidden section of the Hero Factory's computer. Only Michael Firetorch knows everything about them. Delta 1 was top secret until now. Before they were knows as delta. Then the division grew. They are considered the most powerful team. They are known for their legend mode power ups and immortal like abilities. The mission to find the members is an ongoing process, expected to be completed in about 4 years.

A year later Onyx was found. He had upgraded himself while in exile. He had landed on Quatros. There he had gotten armor made from a metal within the caves of the planet. After finding Onyx, William Firetorch was quickly found on a meteor. His condition was critical. He could no longer fight. He was put on leave until further notice. Lastly, SGT Steel was found dead. He had gotten crushed by debris in the blast. The only two members left were Onyx and Firetorch.

Later (January, 2892)

This was a desperate time at the Hero Factory. After the arrival of Delta 1 leader's past form, past villians and armies have been coming to the current time, attacking everything in sight. Delta 1 team had separated yet again, but this time, permantely. Onyx died of a building colapsing. Firetorch is lost in space. Delta 1 leader (current form) is MIA, somewhere deep within the planet.