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"Who are you... Are you him... The one that stole my body... Brandex..."
―Discarded Armor confused about a hero being his enemy
Discarded Armor






Discarded Armor is a ghost in an armour shell. He was originaly a Hero called Kevin Puzzle before his body was taken over by a villain called Brandex.


Kevin Puzzle was a hero from the Hero Factory and back on the Breakout. He hates tracking down villains. Once in a junkyard, he was tracking a villain called Brandex, only Puzzle found out that Brandex had a plan. Brandex's plan involved taking over Puzzle's body, but Puzzle's spirit was still intact and after Puzzle-Brandex took off his Breakout armor, Discarded Armor took over and tried to stop Puzzle-Brendex from executing his plan further. Discarded Armor failed and now he waits in the junkyard where Junk Yard Plasma and the Junk Retreavers found it, just waiting for something.

Abilities and Traits

Discarded Armor is quicker then most common heroes. It is also stronger than most being in the universe. It has a gun for a hand, and is almost indestructable.


Strength: Googolplex
Agility: Googolplex
Toughness: Googolplex
Mind: Googolplex



  • It was based off of Lingering will from the video game Kingdom Hearts

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