Domino Team

Hero Factory





Domino Team is a secret team similar to Hero Recon, but is keeping the crime rate in Makuhero City down to near zero. The members are all experienced at hand to hand combat, explosives, long range fighting, and flying. They all have genius level intellect, and can be used as detectives.


All six members have been alive since the creation of Domino Team, which is an amazing feat because Domino Team's job is extremely dangerous because they disguise themselves as crooks and join gangs, and then destroy them from the inside. The few that know of this team question them because a woman leads them, but Domino Team wants to show that woman can lead a team well also. 

Domino Team Missions

Domino Team has had hundreds of successful missions and few failures. Their first mission was to deal with a drug dealing gang, and Domino Team made themselves look like crooks and pretended to help sell the drugs. The drugs were really taken back to Hero Factory for studying. After two days, Hawk attacked the gang leader, and the other members took out the thugs. The whole gang was taken to Villain Storage.

Domino Team has also taken part in murder investigations, an undercover spy mission, and taken down countless gangs. They are hoping to get rid of all crime in Makuhero City.


During the Breakout, Domino Team was split up, but every member stayed in Makuhero City to capture the small time crooks who couldn't get off of the planet. All crooks were returned to Villain Storage within three months.

Brain Attack

During Brain Attack, Domino team was upgraded to fight underwater against the Aquagons. They were dispatched to the sewer system, and when they got back, they met Matthew Fireblast of Omega 5 Team. Redstone became great friends with Fireblast, and they started making fun of Echo because he smelled like the sewers. Then, they realized a Pyrox was following them, so Echo took it in as a pet and named him Laval. The Brains were defeated, and the Heroes were ready to defend Makuhero City again.


Domino Team has six members:

  • Piper Domino
  • Clark Echo
  • Toby Redstone
  • Vince Bravo
  • Joseph Slicer
  • Aaron Hawk


  • Each member can be considered almost equivalent to Batman, and have the strength of five heroes each
  • All of the heroes were built as 2.0 heroes