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Drew Avious
Drew Avious

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HF Outpost X3

"Who am I? Only one of the best pilots this galaxy's ever seen!"
―Avious talking to a news reporter

Drew Avious is a Hero in Lamda 6 team. He is usually found in air combat then on the ground, although if needed he will fight on ground level.


Avious was built at the Hero Factory, and asigned to Robert Atom' Lamda 6 Team as a rookie, with Daniel Shocker. He was built using a different structure then others heroes making him ideal for piloting missions. He was also equiped with a plasma-blade for on foot operations and such. After awile he was declared a full-fledged Hero.

Siege on the UIMS Base

After tracking a major disturbance from an asteroid in the general area of, Dalonix, Lamda 6 was dispatched. Avious was the pilot for the team, and discovered the base of UIMS accidenly, by shooting an asteroid to bits out of boredom. The base was discovered when a chunk of the asteroid hit another one & this specific one made a loud "CLANK". He then flew to the location and noticed a large metallic door on one side. After the tech of the team, Ned Bit, hacked in and opened the door, they all entered. After landing the craft they charged the main room where the Ado were being tested. After the heroes came in the Ado were sent after them, makingthe Heroes attack them. The Ado were degraded to a lower state-of-mind and flew away while the Heroes cuffed, the UIMS, 

Asignment to the IONex

Avious was asigned to the IONex fighter-craft. After completing his training mision in it, he became it's primary pilot.

Shocker Dogfight

While escorting Shocker was carrying valuble cargo to Hero Factory in his Drop Ship, Avious was asigned to escort with the IONex. During which period they ran into a swarm of bezerk Ado. After diverting 30 of the 60 from Shocker he destroyed them, with the ships ION canons.

Abilities & Traits

Avious is sometimes a bit of a hot-shot, flying around a target before destroying it, or dodging shots for the fun of it. He can also be an egotist sometimes by showing off to reporters, or braging about his many feats.

Avious' Plasma-Blade.

The Plasma-Blade he carries launches constant beams of energy, and can absorb the shots of opponent to make shots stonger.