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A Dropship is a transport vehicle used by the Hero Factory.


New Stellac City Mission I

One of the first missions was the one assigned Thresher, Preston Stormer and Von Ness that was used to defend New Stellac City from a giant Stellac Drone. When Thresher was severely injured by the robot's destructive attacks, Von Ness panicked and tried to escape in the Drop Ship. Stormer leapt on to try and stop him, but Von Ness shook him off and managed to get away. Later, the Drop Ship was reported to have landed on Magma Moon, Von Ness created his new form there.

Epsilon 4

The Epsilon 4 Team used a Drop Ship while on the mission to capture the Arcadian Sand Snake creature, and, after tying it up, they went back to Makuhero City and did an honorary flight past the Assembly Tower.

Merak H Mission

A Drop Ship was lowered into the Merak H Mining Center to solve a crime scene. While there, Furno, Stormer, Stringer and Bulk went to battle XPlode and Rotor. However, the two of them escaped. Later on, however, at Lemus 2, Stormer and the Rookie Team headed over the explosives site to attempt to capture them again. In conclusion, Rotor was captured as XPlode retreated on his Fighter Craft. 

Penitentiary 1331 Mission

Natalie Breez later drove a Dropship to Penitentiary 1331 when the criminal Corroder attacked the area. She released Surge, Stringer and Bulk to investigate. Soon, Furno arrived and battled Corroder. In conclusion, William Furno lied to Corroder that the ship contained additional Heroes, and the green villain fled.

Mekron City Mission

Furno was allowed to fly a Dropship containing Stormer, Breez and Surge through an asteroid field. As they neared, they received an anonymous call and flew the Dropship to Mekron City.

New Stellac City Mission II

The Alpha Team took a Dropship to New Stellac City to investigate a mysterious meteorite.

Shocker Dogfight

Once while transporting some mined materiells to Hero Factory, Daniel Shocker, was attacked by a group of bezerk Ado. Using what little ammo he had, he blew the critters out of the sky, in a fast-paced dogfight.