"Hello, hero, today you're in for quite a shock."
―Duracell speaking to Brandon Blitz

Von Nebula


Charge Sword, Meteor Blaster





Duracell is one of Von Nebula's servants with a ego about himself being indestructible and nothing left to lose.


Duracell allegedly came from a once peaceful and advance civilization that is now a wreck and called The Forgotten City. Before his homeland's fall, he, like all other work robots worked at a electricity plant where he powered most of his cities electricity. When Duracell's civilization was paradise Von Nebula secretly ordered his forces at the time to cut off the cities sources including there power and they have been in darkness ever since. With the cities shortages the robots there started to uncivilly steal the remaining resources and later the robots destroyed themselves and now the once civilization lays in bleak ruins. Duracell met one of Von Nebula's employees roughly a week after the cities blackout and was offered to join. Duracell accepted and with upgrades, training, and experience with crime... he became the dangerous foe he is now.

Abilities & Traits

When Duracell joined Von Nebula's organization he had nothing and this lead to a strong devotion to Von Nebula and would take a blast for him, however Von Nebula takes advantage of this while Duracell believes Von Nebula is testing his dedication. Duraccell calls himself a survivor because he figures that if was able to survive his Keve's corruption he can survive anything. This indestructible ego can be a weakness at times when he underestimates an opponent.

When Durracell was upgraded his inner intelligence was activated and since Duracell came from Keve he is well-knowlegded with Kevian technology and basic electronics. With Duracell's upgrades he was given a prototype electrical supply scrapped from Keve that powers his circuits that allow him to shoot bolts of electricity through his hands and channel electricity all over his body. With his electricity powers he can make himself an electromagnet and walk on metal, like buildings. However there are flaws that Duracell calls acceptable flaws: if Duracell uses his electricity powers to much and drain his power supply his systems will shut down from a lack of power, however if Duracell absorbs more electricity than his circuits can handle his systems dangerously fry and can cause Duracell become nonoperational. Since Duracell was made on Keve his is naturally resistant to energy based attacks however technology from Keve may be naturally durable there is a weakness to Kevian technology: sonics and some high pitch sounds.


Duracell's Charge Sword is connected to Duracell's power supply and can draw electricity from anything and fire powerful bolts of electricity. Duracell also carries a Meteor Blaster. Duracell uses spheres made out a speical material that explodes when it's fired at a solid object.


  • Duracell is named after the Duracell battery.
  • Duracell's electricity powers are somewhat based off a battery as well.