"Don't be a fool, Aldous Witch.You are mining illegal minerals. Wait ... what the - ?" -Eddie Spiker to Aldous Witch before he became the Witch Doctor and Spiker became a dragon hero-


Eddie Spiker was created just like Stormer in the assembly tower. People considered them brothers. They fought together on a team when they were rookies. When their leader died, Eddie watched the whole thing. No one saw him because he became a sniper. Now in the alpha team he works alongside Rocka many times, a lot on Quatros. He and Rocka in there XL forms beat him.

The skull was put in the museum for safe keeping. It would always sit there or would it. Eddie had his dragon form until he went 4.0 he did'nt want to stay big,but he went dragon in 5.0 but looked more like one. He started going on missions with Breez. They enjoyed each others company. They went on deadly missions,but still beat the villians. They worked together the most when Von Nebula broke out in the cell and started wreaking havoc. They had to kill him this time. They were awarded with medals. Spiker loved doing his job, and he has many jobs ahead of him. Mission Delta 16 was horrible to fight, because they had to recharge thre cores 20 times because of Delta 16.

Hero Factory Legends

This will tell his alternate story and what happend back and fourth not just the small info(sorry)that I gave you in the above article.He may have a team mate.