Electron Plasma Blasters are dangerous weapons used by various Villains.


The blasters are used in up-close combat, and function as very dangerous weapons. They fire small, oval-shaped pellets that are specially designed to clip onto an opponent's armor. Once they clip on tightly, the owner of the weapon flips a switch on the gun that sets them all of - releasing millions of tiny, disentegration particles that act like small particles of acid. The best way to use the weapon against an opponent fatally is to fire the weapon at their chest - which immediatly causes the victim's breathing to cease. No matter where the victim is shot - the pellets release a nanovirus-material through the victim's body. This spreads the acid further out and, therefore, causes most of the victim's body to disentegrate while they're still alive. The weapon is 10/10 and 100% fatal due to it's deadly effects.


  • The Electron Plasma Blaster is based off of Sentinel Prime's Acid Rust Cannon in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and also has a similar usage.