Emma Void
Emma Void
Emma Void

Hero Factory


Pulse Shooter




Makuhero City

Emma Void is a rookie hero currently being trained by veteran Tyler Quake.


A fairly recent model and recruit, Emma Void was brought into being to be yet another robotic warrior to further the Hero Factory's goal: to maintain peace and order throughout the galaxy. To ready her for this task, she was put under the watch of one of the factory's veteran's, Tyler Quake, who reluctantly agreed to train the young hero.

She has been working with Tyler and his friend Todd Rift ever since, constantly working on her combat abilities in hopes of some day becoming a true hero.

Abilities & Traits

Strong and confident in her abilities, Emma never allows her foes to bring her spirit down. Though tough and a tad head strong, she has proven herself to be a compitent fighter and dedicated hero.

Though somewhat lacking in strength, Emma makes up for this with her amazing speed and agility. She is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat and possesses an unmatched sense of accuracy, her keen eyesight allowing her to lock onto a target several hundred yards away.


Emma's primary tool in combat is her Pulse Shooter, which can unleash a searing blast of energy strong enough to punch a hole through reinforced steel.